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Using Psychology Easily on Your Website to Make More Sales!

Psychology is a long word which everyone thinks, "no, that's not for me, it'll be too difficult". Apart from being lazy, anyone who thinks this is wrong. Applying psychology on your website is easy and extremely effective. Also, the fact that most webmasters take the lazy view of applying psychology gives you the edge over your competition.

Applying psychology effectively consists of you writing persuasively and in a certain style in every area of your website.

Home page - This is what the majority of your web visitors will see first. Make sure it stands out and makes an immediate positive impression. Give it a clear, defined layout, with an attractive colour scheme. Most importantly, make sure that the writing on the first page is spread out and not in one big block of text. Short, spaced out paragraphs look a lot more attractive to readers, the psychological effect being that they will be encouraged to read. This goes for the writing everywhere on your website. Also, do not reveal everything about your website on your front page. Curiosity is a very powerful incentive. Use words and phrases such as 'secrets, uncovered, will be revealed, etc..' to arouse the readers' curiosity. Readers will then be encouraged to search further in your site. On your front page, make sure that you write to the individual. Make it sound personal and constantly remind the reader what's in it for them. This is what web browsers want to know.

Headlines - The titles and headlines on every page of your site are what will be viewed first. Make them sound impressive so that the reader feels they have to read more. Use words such as 'breakthrough, profits, revealed, secrets, simple, easy' because these are words which will appeal to the reader. Words such as 'secrets' will arouse readers' curiosity and will make them feel that they do not want to miss out. Also important about headlines, do not make them too long or they will lose their effect of standing out. On the other hand it is important that the headline does give a brief description of what will be discussed in the text to come because if readers are unsure they will not bother reading.

Sales Letter - Once you have got your web visitors to this stage you need to make sure that you make a sale. You need to constantly be encouraging your visitor to buy, without sounding unprofessional. The most effective way of doing this is by making your product sound extravagant and by making it seem like you are offering it at a bargain price. Everyone likes a bargain and thinking that they have got the best possible value for money. This will also increase your popularity with your web visitors. Make your product sound extravagant by telling visitors about how long it took to make or develop. Make your product sound like a bargain by telling visitors about how you are offering the product at a lower price than your competitors. Exaggerate within reason for the best results. Persuade your visitors even more by claiming that the product you are offering is exclusive and can only be found on your website. This will sound very impressive to a potential customer and will discourage them from leaving your website to look for the product somewhere else. Another great psychological way to persuade customers to buy is by offering a number of free bonuses. For bonuses, quantity outweighs quality. Offer a huge number of worthless bonuses with the product you are selling and it will sound a whole lot more attractive to buyers because it looks like great value for money. The most effective bonuses to use are ebooks because you lose nothing by giving them away and you can give away ebooks on the subject of what you are selling.

Testimonials - These are absolutely essential to a successful web business and have a great psychological effect on those who are unsure of whether to buy. One of the main barriers which visitors will face before buying from you is the barrier of whether they will actually benefit from what they purchase. You have to help your visitors over this barrier. By adding in positive comments from people who have previously purchased, your visitors will trust you and what you are saying. Pick up positive testimonials by simply asking those who have purchased your product.

In summary, always be trying new techniques of writing and applying psychology until you find one which really works for your website. That's when you will hit serious profits.

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Thanks for reading,

William Johnston


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