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How To Give Your Business Credibility

Let's face it. Buying products and services from the Internet can be a bit intimidating.

You may have no idea where the online merchant is located. You may not know how safe your personal and credit card information will be.

You may be unsure if you'll even get the product or what to do if the product is broken when it arrives at your door.

These types of concerns are what you are up against when you sell products from a website.

Here some tips to build credibility with potential customers.

1. Include all your contact information on your homepage. Your phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, etc. List the hours you're available to take customers' phone calls.

2. Offer a money-back guarantee. This is a must, especially if you're selling higher price items. Mention your guarantee at least a couple of times in your copy.

The more details you give about your guarantee the more comfortable your prospect will feel. Your guarantee should be valid for at least 30 days after the purchase and it's best to have a "no-questions-asked" return policy.

Be prompt in refunding the customer's money

3. Tell your site visitors how their credit card and personal information will be protected if they buy from you.

Do you use a secure,encrypted server to process their transaction? Tell them. I have this info spelled out right below the "Buy Now" button on my website.

If you use a online credit card processing company like PayPal, be sure to include the credit card buyer protection policy and merchant verification process. People want to know how they'll be protected against credit card fraud.

My credit card processing company, PaySystems (http://www.revecom.com) has a 100% guarantee against credit card fraud. Customers can click on hyperlink to read the guarantee before they actually fill out any credit card and personal information.

4. Use testimonials from satisfied customers. Nothing helps sell a product like a happy buyer. The more detailed the testimonial the better. Be sure to get your customer's permission before you quote him or her in your marketing material.

Always use the customer's first and last name, company name and title (if applicable) and their location.

I think you're less likely to believe a testimonial if it's just signed "J. Doe" instead of "John Doe, President, XYZ Company, Houston, Texas."

5. List your credentials or experience on your website or in your ezine. Again, the key is the more a customer knows about who they are dealing with, the more assured they going to feel doing business with you.

By putting these suggestions into action, you're bound to have a happy group of customers. And good "word-of-mouth" is the cheapest, and most effective form of advertising.

About The Author

Dave Coyne is a marketing consultant and information publisher. Get his FREE Report: "How to Run A Home Based Business And Never Create A Product, Write An Ad, Or Talk To Anyone." Send an email with REF006 in the subject line to dcinfobiz@GetResponse.com


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