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Learn to Build a Better Online Business Website Using Keywords and Content

Are you aware that 90% of the websites on the Internet today are a waste of time and space. You have probably been on some of the sites I am referring to. You know the ones that when you arrive it really has nothing to do with your search criteria.

Why do online business newbies create these websites?

How many websites do you arrive at that use text colors and background colors that are almost exactly the same, making it next to impossible to read? I don't usually stay on these sites for more than 10 seconds, if that long.

It is a real pain landing on sites like that but what is even more painful is landing on a site after specifying your search criteria only to find that the site is all banners. These sites I will leave in about 5 seconds.

Always remember Content Is Still King!! And it will always be that way, people want information and they are not going to settle for less, so don't create sites that don't provide what people want.

With the available tools today creating a web site is actually quite easy. Of course this leads new netrepreneurs into pop up a website without any research. All this does is clutter up Cyberspace with more non-target group focused websites.

The lack of research on target groups and the ease of web page creation these days has led us to some pretty bad sites and some pretty awesome looking sites that have little or no focus.

When I talk about creating a better website faster, I am not referring to the time it takes to build a website. I am actually talking about making less mistakes and the need for constantly tweaking your site.

You can have a website that takes you a month longer to create than someone else that created their site in three days but your website will work for you while the other guy is trying to figure out why their site isn't producing results.

Taking the time to plan your success is going to take some research.

Think about what you do to find things on the internet.

First you go to your favorite search engine, type in your search criteria using KEYWORDS and PHRASES, and faster than you can blink you have a results page to look through.

Next you scan the results, looking through the titles and descriptions, to see which site may be the best choice, and then you click that link. So before you actually get to see a website you need to find it and then click the link.

My point here is that you may have an awesome looking page with great content but if you can't be found in the search engines you are missing out on unlimited target traffic. Plus your Title and Descriptive text that find you in a results page needs to be compelled to click your link.

A time saving tip: If you want to create a website that draws your target group traffic like moths to a flame, you must learn every thing you can about your target group.

Just so we are on the same wave length let me explain what a target group is.

Your target group consists of those people that want or need what you have to offer.

You need to know as much about these people as you can. The more you know the more ways you can attract them, by finding more keywords for your content.

Think about your visitors. I would much rather have 100 people land on my website that want or need what I have than 10000 who arrive at my site only to find that I do not have what they thought you had.

Even if I only make one or two sales from the 100 I can still get those visitors to return later but the 10000 will never darken my door again, so they are a waste of my time. Invest your time in learning the strategies that will make your site a better site and you will have passed 85% of other would be marketers.

One of your priority goals should be to complete a study that helps you to focus on every area you need to focus on that will make you an expert on your target group.

Do a demographic study and find out what your target group really wants and then meet the need.

de�mog�ra�phy - The study of the characteristics of human populations, such as size, growth, density, distribution, and vital statistics.

* What makes these people who they are and the perfect choice for your product or service.

* Why are they your best choice over other groups of people.

* Do they fit into a specific age group. Like Baby Boomers.

* Is you product directed toward people that are 50 or older like me?

* Is your product something that is useful to teens.

* Does their location make them a candidate for your product or service.

* Is your product gender specific.

Once you know your target group you should list every BENEFIT your product or service has. This will give you a list of keywords and phrases you can use to create webpages that will attract potential customers directly from the major search engines.

After all people buy benefits!!

Then take your list and study each item. Once you have done this you can make a new list that gives you more data about the type of people that you want coming to your web site.

Make your first priority your target group and the rest will start to fall into place and you will be light years ahead of other Internet marketing newbies.

James Mann
iNET Strategies Inc.- http://www.inetstrategiesinc.com
Copyright 2005 - All Rights Reserved


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