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What Works and What not Works for Your Internet Business

"Build it and they will come."
--Filed of Dreams (1989)

If you are working on an Internet business, you may read a lot of information for how quickly you can make money online. The truth is that running online business is same as running traditional business. You need spend time to learn, to build your business. There is no "magic button" you can push and get quick money. But Internet business has larger potential compare to traditional business since you have global customers. If you follow right roadmaps, you can be very successfull.

Here are a few suggestions for your reference:

If something promised fast and easy results, if all you have to do is copy-and-paste something...don't bother.


Because, even if it works well at first (and usually it won't), it will stop delivering results very soon.

They may deliver some traffic at first. If people started seeing it so often, and started feeling so manipulated, that the response rate soon dropped to near-zero.

And FFAs were easy to do, and that everyone started doing them, and the funny thing is that everyone stopped reading the messages. Just imagine, if you got over 500 emails a day in your inbox, will you read them through? If you inbox is full and cannot send anymore messages out, what will you do for the old emails? "DELETE" them, right? So if you send advertising through
FFA pages, can you imagine what your advertising ends at? Maybe at the someone else's junk mail folder or "trash can".

So what works?

Techniques that take some time and creativity.

The question in your mind is how to realize your dream?

The good news is that you can find good tools at cheap price - it is easy for you to work with as long as you have "Motivation". It is called Sitebuilder.

Motivation plus SiteBuilder will seperate you from those who fail on the net.

At beginning, you may need spend 10 days for extensive reading (over 600 pages) and learning the tools and knowledges for how to build a site that gets clicks, it is worthwhile in the long term.

A lot of people tends to build a site within 24 hours, then spend the rest of his life and money to promote it -- then quit if do not see results.

If you have time to promote your site without knowing whether you are on the right track, it is strongly suggest that you'd better spend your valuable time to learn the tools that work and get life time "free" traffic. You can get free valuable traffic from search engine, and get clicks-- get sales.

In millionair Mike Litman's CD, he said "successfull people is doing something he does not like to do" - If you feel that you do not want to spend time to build a good theme based websites by researching good contents and deliver good information or products, actually that's exactly what you should do - then you will be belong to the successfull people for your online business.

If you are looking for more information�of how to make your site sell, how to build a good website or revise your website to get free traffic, you can visit http://www.best-internet-businesses.com and get 10 days roadmaps (over 600 pages of free ebooks)�for your online success. It may be your turn point for your entire Internet business.

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