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Web Design for the Professional Magician Part I - Selecting the Perfect Domain Name

Selecting the Perfect Domain Name

The first issue I have with magician web sites is the improper use of domain names. Examine the following list of URLs and select the most professional one:

  • www.freewebspace.com/users/losers/reallosers/Hire-me.html (Example 1)
  • http://www.Kooool-Magic-2day4U2.tv/ (Example 2)
  • http://www.WebToastyHosty.com/234asdkjfd/No-hire-me.html (Example 3)
  • http://www.TikiMagic.com (Example 4)
Example 1

Unfortunately the first site is too common today. It is too long to be remembered. It is also too long to be accurately typed. Who knows what site your potential visitor may end up loading into their browser. More importantly it is unprofessional. With the low cost to register domain names and host web sites, there is no longer any reason to use this type of web site as a professional magician.

These URLs are usually found on business cards with perforations around the edges. If this applies to you, then please listen to this simple advice. Please spend the small amount of money it takes to look like a professional or don't pretend that you are one. Your potential clients are not impressed. They will not hire you. This advice applies to both the web sites and the business cards. Let's review the pros and cons.



  • It's free
  • It's free because your visitors are bombarded with ads (Viva Cialis)
  • It's unprofessional. You look cheap because you are. Don't Be!
  • It's too loooooooooooooooooooong.
  • It too hard to type out without mistkes.
  • Too many limits on designs and script usage.

Example 2

The second example shows another trend. The good domains are often taken. Magicians look to claim some Web real estate by getting a domain name with cute names by substituting numbers or misspellings to find a "suitable" domain name. The main issue is that potential visitors may not remember your "cute" name and never find your site. It is better than the first URL, but not much.

This example shows another common strategy. Magicians will use a less common extension such as .org , .biz or .tv. It is my belief that a weaker name with ".com" is better than a stronger name without the ".com". Most people don't understand about domain names. The general sentiment among your potential clients is that .com appears more professional than .biz.



  • It's slightly better than the prior example
  • It contains some keywords (mostly misspelled and numberized)
  • It's your own domain name
  • Doesn't use .com
  • Words are misspelled
  • Numbers are substituted for words
  • It uses too many hyphens
  • Too long
  • More cute than professional

Example 3

The third example shows the use of a web host without a domain name. With your own host you will have maximum flexibility over web design. The ability to use server side scripting and databases make this a good approach. The main problem is that without the domain name it still looks unprofessional. Even with the great looking web pages, it still appears to be DIY (do it yourself). A weak domain name is better than no domain name.



  • Full control over design
  • Can use server side scripting languages
  • Can use databases to dynamically create web pages


  • Lacks your own domain name
  • Looks unprofessional
  • Hard to remember
  • No keywords in URL
  • URL has no tie to your USP (unique selling proposition)

Example 4

The final example is the best of the lot. The domain name ends in .com. It also has the keyword 'magic' in it. It is reasonably short and memorable. It doesn't have any misspellings, hyphens or number4word substitutions. The "tiki" is part of the magician's character concept and is utilized in other marketing efforts. It helps differentiate him from other magicians. The web site is a retro sixties tiki lounge approach. Very unique and very cool. :) We will examine this site in more detail in later articles dealing with effective web promotional strategies.



  • Professional looking URL
  • Domain name uses keywords
  • Domain name uses USPs
  • Easy to remember
  • Full control over design
  • Can use server side scripting languages
  • Can use databases to dynamically create web pages and other great uses.


  • Requires more time to maintain
  • Requires a little money to register domain name
  • Requires a little more money to host


This concludes Part I of Web Design for Professional Magicians. If you have not already done so get your own domain name. Search Google for many cheap places to do so. Email me if you are having trouble with your domain name or registering it. The key points for selecting domain names:

  • Try to get a .com domain name.
  • Keep it reasonably short and memorable.
  • Avoid misspellings and word substitution (4 instead of for).
  • Limit the use of hyphens.
  • Try to incorporate your USPs and keywords in the name.

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