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The Top Ten Checklist For Low Web Site Sales

You have good traffic, but low client sign ups and other sales. Web sites are only as good as their copy. If your Web sales are down, check your copywriting.

Next time you think Web site--either putting up a new one, or wanting to improve yours for more contacts and sales--use this checklist:

1. Replace long paragraphs of copy with short benefit-driven headlines.

Incorporate sound bites or questions your visitor will feel compelled to respond to such as "Follow up or Foul Up?"

2. Make your copy beneath the headlines short and snappy.

Your potential clients come for easy-to-read material. Like you, they are in a hurry, and want free information fast.

3. Put yourself in your targeted visitors' shoes.

Think, "why are they at my site?" They want two things: 1) free content such as articles or tips about your service or product and 2) how you can solve their problem or challenge--the top benefits you offer.

4. Give your web visitors a lot of free information.

That's why they come to your site. After visiting you 5-10 times, they are more likely to buy from you. Place a command like "Please book mark this site. We put up new information each two weeks." Add a new link called "free articles."

5. Aim your copy at your targeted market.

The biggest mistake we make is not defining our target audience before we write Web copy. When we use shotgun promotion aimed at many groups, we don't get well known as the savvy expert in our field, and lose visitor's attention and loyalty.

Choose one audience first and aim your copy at them. You can later add special links for other audiences.

6. Give your visitors a variety of articles, such as an interview or you solving a client's problem, to post in your "free articles" link.

Put a new one up every 2-3 weeks. Put "NEW!" beside each new article to draw attention to it.

7. Categorize the types of articles you post on your site.

Think about "under 500 words," "how-to tips," or "top ten lists." Help your visitors get to the articles they want and need. Offer your articles by autoresponders too.

8. Present your copy to inform, convince, and compel your visitor to click and buy.

For your coaching services, place links such as "Why Choose your name?" or "On Book Coaching." or "Coaching Packages." Include proper headlines on your home page.

9. Keep your language simple.

Even if your audience is a rocket scientist, keep your copy at 10th grade level or lower. Online visitors want short sentences, short paragraphs no more than 4-5 lines. When visitors see a long paragraph, it may look too hard to read and digest. They just click away. Remember they want their information easy and fast.

10. Write a list of 5-10 benefits of your service.

Transfer this into your coaching sales piece on your Web site. You'll need to include coaching outcomes, their needs, the value they receive, and the main area of focuses you can give them.

Stop long descriptions of you and your mission. Focus more on your Web visitor who came to learn about how she can benefit from your service. Make your reader say, "This is amazing. I want this!"

Judy Cullins, 20-year book and Internet Marketing Coach, Author of 10 eBooks including "Write your eBook Fast," and "How to Market your Business on the Internet," she offers free help through her 2 monthly ezines, The Book Coach Says...and Business Tip of the Month at http://www.bookcoaching.com/opt-in.shtml and over 140 free articles. Email her at mailto:Judy@bookcoaching.com


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