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Give Your Web Wite Visitors What They Really Want - Information!

Surfing the internet is basically an information-fest! From intellectual discussions to the bizarre...people surf the internet for information more than products or services. Through sites that offer information -sales are generated indirectly which is perfect. By offering valuable information to your visitors, you start a marketing relationship just by creating value in your website.


Articles - content written by you and others that fit the theme of your website with resource box always included.

Reviews - written reviews including pictures of products related to the theme of your website and your business.

Newsletter - offer either a text or online newsletter at least once a month (if not more often) that includes articles, hints, tips, resources and special offers to subscribers only.

Downloads - free downloads such as e-books and software that your website visitors would find informative and helpful them.

E-course - a free e-mail course developed by you. If you haven't created your own e-course yet, look for an affiliate program you can join that offers products your visitors would find useful that offers a free course. Whether or not your visitors actually purchase anything does not matter, you will have provided them with useful information.

Directory - build a directory on your website with a software program or manually. By creating a listing of helpful newsletters, wahm sites, yahoo groups or places to advertise; you have built something that your visitors will use.

Think complementary, not competitive!

When you place advertising, links, articles, e-books and other extra information on your website, ask yourself if adding it makes your site more valuable to your visitors.

Now, here's just an example to show how this works for YOU!

If you have a candle website then you can have information and tips from candle safety, aromatherapy, difference in waxes and what makes your candle offering unique. Your articles can be on anything related to home decor, aromatherapy, old fashioned candle making, decorating, holidays and more that complements your site.

If you have hand-poured candles then you can add even more information about bath and body products or hand pressed soaps. Offer a download on how to make your own soaps...either create one yourself or look for a free download on another site that allows you to offer it free from your site. Some e-book downloads allow you to add your name and website (this is re-branding).

Place your newsletter subscription information on each page of your web site. Keep in touch with your mailing list regularly offering business specials, articles, hints and tips that fit your theme.

Exchanging links - the value of exchanging links is undeniable when it comes to search engines and page rank. Remind yourself that your links pages should really be thought of as "resources" for your visitors.

If you consider web sites that exchange links with to be resources, helpful to your visitors then you will choose links that complement your site.

Providing both information and resources that prove valuable to your visitors means that they will come back again and again. Give your visitors the information they are looking for and they will let others know how valuable your site is to them. By keeping your website fresh, updating your articles and freebies to draw visitors will eventually convert your traffic to sales which is why you work from home in the first place.

Tammy Ames is the owner of Wahm-Work at Home Connections http://www.wahmconnections.com - a work at home resource site offering unique advertising and internet marketing strategies plus home based business opportunities.


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